With Nationwide Nurses, the opportunities are endless. Nationwide Nurses will find a facility and location that is perfect for you. Our Recruiters are available 24 hours a day to provide unmatched personal service. Contact us today for your next travel adventure!

The quickest and easiest way to apply is to fill out our Online Application and Skills Checklists. Click here to start the Application.

Call a Qualified Travel Specialist. They will answer all of your questions concerning travel nursing and help you complete you application over the phone. 866-836-8773

To contact our management team or the Joint Commission on concerns regarding quality of patient care provided by our employees, call Nationwide Nurses at 866-836-8773 or Email and/or call The Joint Commission at 800-994-6610 or Email. No disciplinary or punitive action will be taken as a result of any such report.

We're glad you found us! Can you imagine making a years salary in 3 months? Nationwide Nurses can make that a reality. It is so easy! We take care of everything. Nurses are able to receive a housing allowance that is tax free and which can substantially increase the already incredible income. We can tailor make an assignment just for you. With Nationwide Nurses your needs come first.

Nationwide Nurses was founded by nurses with more than 25 years combined backgrounds and experience. We understand your needs and will work with you individually to secure the personal freedom of deciding when and where you would like to work. Thank you for choosing Nationwide Nurses as your travel partner.  


Client Service for Healthcare Employers

If you are customer who needs to contact us in regards to an emergent situation or unexpected incident that involves our staff please call 866-836-8773 to be directed to the appropriate individual.

Client Service for Travelers

Client Service Representatives are available by email and phone during regular business hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday Central Standard Time

During business hours your call will be directed to the appropriate staff member. After business hours or in case of an emergency situation: call us at 866-836-8773 to reach the after-hours manager on duty. Managers are available to clients 24/7.

Toll Free: (800) 884-8788 *
Fax: (918) 664-3343