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With Nationwide Nurses, the opportunities are endless. Nationwide Nurses will find a facility and location that is perfect for you. Our Recruiters are available 24 hours a day to provide unmatched personal service. Contact us today for your next travel adventure!

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How do I become a Traveler with Nationwide Nurses?
The quickest way is to apply online by filling out our application and a specialty-specific skills checklist. The application will help us understand your career path. The skills checklist will allow us to evaluate your qualifications and match you with assignments that call for your particular skills and experience.

What are minimum requirements to become a Nationwide Nurse?
To become a Traveler, you must be a graduate of an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States or Canada. You will also need to provide a valid professional practice license or certification, and proof of the right to work in the United States. Current Hospital experience of a year or more is required in most facilities.

Am I under any obligation after submitting my application?
Absolutely not. Your application is simply used to qualify you for travel so that we're ready to match you with an assignment if and when you decide you're ready to go. Once you become registered, there will always be an exciting travel assignment waiting for you.

When should I start preparing for my assignment?
This depends on you and how quickly you want to start working. You could begin your first assignment within one day or up to four to six weeks. Some Travelers schedule their assignments one or two months in advance.

Pay and Benefits

What are the benefits and incentives of traveling?
Nationwide Nurses, Travel Professionals are among the most highly paid in the traveling industry. For specific information, please visit the benefits and incentives or call us at (866) 838-8773.

When and how will I be paid?
Nationwide Nurses Travelers may choose to have their paycheck directly deposited into their accounts or receive their paychecks via mail weekly.

If I refer a friend to Nationwide Nurses, am I eligible for a referral bonus?
Absolutely. If you refer a Travel Professional, once they complete a 13-week assignment you will receive a $500.00 bonus! More healthcare professionals come to Nationwide Nurses through referrals from their friends and co-workers than from any other source.

Job Assignments

How long are travel assignments?
Nationwide Nurses assignments are typically 13 weeks; however we sometimes have 4, 6, and 8, even up to 26-week assignments. It is all up to you!

How do I choose an assignment?
Once Nationwide Nurses has reviewed your application, skills checklist, and credentials you and your Recruiter will discuss what you expect from your travel assignment. Then you will be presented with available assignments based on your position and shift preferences. You will also be given a complete description of the facility, unit, area, salary and available bonuses. Together, you choose the assignment that's right for you. It's always your choice.

Will you have the assignment I want?
Always. However, if we don't have your specific position in the location of your choice, we'll contact facilities in that area to present your credentials and search for an available assignment.

Do I need to sign a one-year contract?
No. Your contractual commitment is only for one assignment at a time.

How do I find out the licensing requirements for each state?
Your Recruiter will advise you on the specific requirements in each state and the length of time necessary to obtain a license in the state you have chosen to take an assignment. For more information, check out our state licensing section.

Can I travel with a friend?
We encourage it! Traveling with another healthcare professional, spouse, or any close friend will allow you to share the experiences of a lifetime.

Have more questions? Please call us at (866) 836-8773...we'll be happy to assist you any questions or concerns you have.